CL 004

23,27 m2

The house is made of two modules we call ‘halves’, that is, a half of a classic shipping container. We placed these halves perpendicular to each other. This gives us a house that is L-shaped and provides the possibility of adapting the interior terrace to the living room space especially in the spring, summer and winter seasons.


This house has a very functional use of space because with this arrangement of containers we have a comfortable large kitchen with dining area, living room space with sofa bed, bathroom and bedroom.


At one end of the building we have a bedroom with a full-size bed raised for additional storage and it is separated from the living room by a furniture development obscured by sheet metal reused from the elevation cutouts for window openings.


The kitchenette space has household appliances: sink, dishwasher, 2-burner induction cooktop, oven, under-counter refrigerator. At the kitchenette there is also a table with space for 3 people. In addition, at the entrance to the house there is a closet for clothes and storage.

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