This is the smallest house from the available range of ready-made houses from shipping containers. It is a container 6 meters long, 2.45 meters wide. After insulating the walls, it has an area of 11,61 m2.

This is a standard shipping container module with a length of 12 m. After insulation, we can fit 23,21 m2 inside.

The house was created from two CL 001 shipping containers, i.e. two 6-meter modules set parallel to each other and shifted by 2.30 meters. The usable area of this house is 24.18 m2.

The house was built from two CL 001 containers, i.e. two 6-meter modules set perpendicular to each other. The usable area of this house is 23.27 m2.

A very elegant and comfortable design. It was created by combining two CL 002 containers. The house has a bedroom, a study, a bathroom and a large living room with a kitchen. Salon with two pages is intensely glazed. Usable area this house is 52 m2.

We will build this house for you according to your guidelines. Here you can let us know what size of house you’re interested in and what additional options you’d like it to have.

During the meeting, we will discuss your needs in more detail and determine the layout of the house, as well as its equipment and finishing. Because above all, it should be the way you like it, so that living in it would be a pleasure for you.