CL 005

50,31 m2

A house made from two modules of a standard shipping container. We placed the containers parallel to each other. As a result, we have a house that is wide enough to accommodate comfortable and elegant spaces for spending leisure time among nature.


The house has an area of 50.13 m2 and is divided into a living zone, a night zone and a work zone, which can also be used for a children’s room.


A bathroom is placed centrally in the building and the other rooms and functions are located around it. A living room with two sofas, coffee tables and large glass windows allowing views of nature from everywhere in the living room. Kitchenette with appliances:  sink, dishwasher, 2 burner induction hob, oven, full size refrigerator. At the kitchenette there is a bar with additional cabinets and space for 3 people. In addition, at the entrance to the house there is a very large closet for clothes and storage. There is also space for a washing machine.


The bathroom is fully equipped and includes a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

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